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Conceived in 2019 by two serial-entrepreneur friends, My Victory Fitness works to improves the quality of cancer survivor’s lives while reducing the risk for remission and extending mortality with an accessible and motivational digital exercise and wellness platform.

This project reached BeCurious through referral marketing, introduced to us as a “cancer exercise platform” idea. We immediately recognized it for a great cause with global appeal while foreseeing complexities from design, engineering and behavioral stand points.

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MyVictory is a hybrid of Peloton, YouTube and Facebook.

Initial ideation and iteration phases were assembled following viewing rough pen sketches focused on a native mobile application build. Through discovery and research, we determined a responsive website build was the ideal pathway for a variety of reasons such as cost, timelines, MVP model vs. V1 full feature, market tests and accessibility.

Technologies used: Laravel, Angular8, Stripe Payment, TokBox APIs, AWS stream and storage & distribution, vMix for live stream.

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The success of this project relied upon a deep understanding of the physical therapy process for cancer patients, while identifying the users this product would support. We identified many user personas: survivor, supporter, instructor, counsellor, admin and moderator.
We realized we could streamline the heavy workload through the segmentation of user persona.


As one of the most robust stages of our process, our discovery phase is the not-so-pretty part. What it lacks in aesthetics is redeemed by the valuable data and in-house feedback collected. We spent considerable time documenting the various journeys of each user segment.

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Once we captured our user personas with their goals and journey, we mapped the platform flow. We recognized the project housed more than twenty unique “birds-eye” flows for its users, with each one focused on a specific goal. Flows included on-boarding, goal creator, goal tracker, live class signup, libraries of classes access, scheduling a 1on1, discovering members, following members, the social feed, interacting with other members, and more.

Designing the webapp

1000+ Active Users

The strong collection of user stories with a solid sitemap was ready to inform design. We conducted extensive industry research into previously successful business models and journeys using end user behavior of systems
• Facebook
• Peloton
• YouTube
• Instagram

Design sprints propelled us into the development phase quickly. We identified brand style while establishing personality, tone and colors. We streamlined the development process, producing user flows to inform our developers work without overlapping in effort.

& testing

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Based on agile building, the development phase proved challenging relying on a number of moving parts to be coordinated, automated and streamlined. This included payment integration (p2p), a user progress tracker, 1on1 implementation, a scheduling module and live streaming – all keeping user experience as the priority with a focus on site security and speed keeping lag, latency and buffering at a minimum, while being HIPAA compliant.
Three months of usability testing and adjustments confirmed the platform streamed uninterrupted video well across a variety of devices. The beta version was rolled out for feedback with final adjustments before launching live. The positive response confirmed we had hit the mark.

Technologies used: Laravel, Angular 8, Stripe Payment, TokBox APIs, AWS stream and storage and distribution, vMix for live stream.

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Launching at the beginning of the pandemic, we quickly gained traction reaching over 1000 users within a week and gyms reaching out for My Victory partnerships. The platform continues to grow within cancer fighting communities while gaining recognition and reverence from cancer survivors, non-for-profit associations and media publications.