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The United Nations are committed to maintaining international peace and security. The Department of Peace Operations is charged with peacekeeping as a “unique and dynamic instrument developed to help countries torn by conflict to create the conditions for lasting peace”.

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BeCurious is an approved design partner for over 20 divisions of the United Nations.

Peacebuilding, peacemaking and peace enforcement are acknowledged by the UN as distinguished “mutually reinforced” activities with frequently overlaps in practice.

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Peacekeeping at a glance

As every project needs a guide, we identified this projected needed a style guide. Utilizing pre-existing styles, we nurtured and expanded the design system specifically focused on peacekeeping efforts with these styles unifying the messaging efforts of peacekeeping initiatives. By starting from the basics with typography, color palettes and logotype we were intrinsically contributing towards shaping sector operations.


UN Peacekeeping currently has over 110,000 field personnel including military, police and civilians.


UNP eacekeeping budget at $7.3 billion accounts for less than 0.5% of global military expenditures.


Over 120 countries contribute troops, police and civilian personnel to UN Peacekeeping.

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As with any large, global infrastructures, the moving parts of the UN within its’ ecosystem is enormously complex. Our task was to create promotional, interactive and visually impactful elements to amplify their message to the worldwide audience, raising beyond awareness to harness action.