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Website redesign, React JS front end development, Redesign and migration of over 30,000+ pages, Brand re-alignment, Photography, Design sprint, ADA compliance widget integration


Norris McLaughlin serves the legal needs of businesses and families across New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania and rest of the United States. A mid-sized regional law firm, they are uniquely positioned representing Fortune 500 corporations middle-market companies and individuals.

As a brand, they wanted to represent their growth through a refresh which extended to revitalizing their online presence. Their current online platform had been frankensteined together through dated technology and an excessive and unnecessary use of plugins.

becurious norris mclaughlin detail


We deep-dived into the DNA of Norris McLaughlin’s purpose, vision and motivation delivering exceptional legal counsel while driving industry thought leadership.

We identified their website needing to showcase how Norris McLaughlin’s far-reaching expertise suited the end user’s needs. We also identified their brand had to reassure the end user at a glance in choosing NM as their legal advocate.

“Norris McLaughlin needs a service system, not an info website. With this simple strategic approach, together, we will put customers at the forefront of the decision making process. ”

SEARCH is perhaps the single most important function missing from the current NM website. Visitors demand a simple way to find the right lawyer and the right legal resources. Search results must be delivered in the most accurate, efficient, and organized format. Users will receive results that are immediately relevant to the their needs.

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Customizable mini-sites within the main website to help cover the wide range of services offered by Norrs McLaughlin.

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Norris McLaughlin had reached the level of complexity enjoyed largely by brands such as Apple or a Tesla and was ready to evolve into a strong updated look based upon the elegant simplicity traits of these global icons. User accessibility and design minimalism were used to improve the customer journey. Reducing visual clutter shone the spotlight on their brand as a modern and forward-thinking law firm.

Building out a React website! First of its’ kind in the legal space to utilize such technology with the wordpress flexibility on the back.

becurious norris mclaughlin desktop

We analyzed award winning websites across the legal, business and creative industries and identified Norris McLaughlin’s story was parallel to Uber Eats’ drive for catering to their customer. The website’s new goal had to shift the lens to the client and their needs.

The website was built on the latest digital system React JS – the first of its’ kind in the legal space alongside the flexibility and aesthetically pleasing experience of WordPress to boost Norris McLaughlin’s marketing digital presence.


Greater client acquisition and retention.
Our client’s need for a tailored website solution meant departing from the standard legal industry website. BeCurious came to their attention with a unique approach to out-of-the-box solutions. The project became particularly poignant when we all collectively synced reaching that A-ha moment. The newly united vision of the company propelled the project, pushing the envelope in the legal sector. This set the benchmark for Norris McLaughlin as an evolutional digital transformation for this one-of-a-kind industry veteran.