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1 Billion+ in live assets


Ideation, Wireframing, Rapid prototyping, Testing, UX, User dashboard design

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Metechi matches banks with investors to commercial real estate deals using sophisticated search algorithm, the Metechi Match. The Metechi Match seamlessly connects banks to an extensive universe of pre-screened capital providers as an innovative platform streamlining the syndication process as an end-to-end deal management solution from origination to post closing. Benefits of the platform generates additional income through syndication of more and larger loans. New revenue streams were available through expanding product offerings, transforming banks into a tailored one-stop shop for their clients’ financing needs.

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Mini design sprints helped us segment large deliverables into small attainable goals.

During our initial sync, we determined a successful outcome with the project needed breaking down into smaller deliverables for a quick build. This would allow for constant iterations and rapid prototyping.

We segmented the large size project into smaller sprints, settings KPIs for each component. 
This prepared the development team for early implementation without being blocked waiting on full completion from the design team.

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“ "Financial guidelines and banking procedures played a big role into the shaping of this product." “

- Stanley Vaganov, Founder

Kickstarter meets Zoom!

During strategy and design sessions, we committed endless research and discoveries into the current marketplace. We took inspiration from Kickstarter and Zoom teleconferencing.


Within six months, we produced an MVP answering success metrics from KPIs set in place during the initial stages of planning and strategy. The platform is clean and easy to use with applications currently holding over $1B in live assets.