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Design Sprint, Rapid Prototyping, User Testing

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Home+Space is a young company composed of a partnership between veterans of home renovations and bathroom and kitchen products. They work closely with architects and designers for sourcing and facilitating expertise and products in renovations and builds. This project operated as a collaborative effort with Montreal branding agency Six Cinquieme. Having led the charge for branding the client, they turned to us for digital expansion, initially aiming for a basic ecommerce website as the goal.

“We want to be the disruptors of the home renovation industry!”

- Founders of Home+Space

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Amid the COVID pandemic, client conversations pivoted from investing efforts in building a showroom to designing and building a virtual business space. An abundance of ideas were channelled towards demonstrating the competitive edge of a newborn company operating during harsh social and financial times for industry disruption. Surrounded by incredible risk, the tech and creative partners were 100% focused on a 100% success rate.

Time for a design sprint!

5 Days workshop to bring clarity.

Our team recognized a design sprint with a five-day workshop was essential for bringing clarity to the project for testing.

Our schedule was immediately cleared for five days of laser focused brainstorming sessions.
Owners, clients and key business figures were interviewed identifying problems and analyzing ideas.

becurious home space laptop

“We need a project tracking tool to help manage projects better”

- Identified goal for the sprint

This was a surprising conclusion after we have spent time with the team and arriving to this end goal. We went into the sprint almost sure that the right solution would be a virtual showroom of some sort.Once again, showing us how pivotal and crucial design sprints are.The client just saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and time building out something that was not going to work.All in just few days of focus and collaboration of asking the right questions


The five-day design sprint proved pivotal and crucial. Through timed exercises, agile decisions and smart auditing of goals and personnel, the idea for the build of a virtual showroom evolved into a prototype mini website. Ready for testing on the fifth day, the mini site was deployed to the client’s key demographics.

becurious home space hs prototype


Identifying the client’s pain points were addressed and explored for solutions. The success of testing with a mini site saved thousands of dollars while engaging instant authentic feedback. Testing solidified the direction for a successful future. The BeCurious-Home+Space relationship has now expanded beyond this scope for a long-term solution.

“We were so scared and skeptical of the design sprint, but it brought us peace of mind, a clear head and excitement for the future” - Imani Mayfield