case study / UNITED NATIONS

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at a glance

Every project needs a guide, a styleguide that is. So naturally that was a startingzpoint for us. Utilizing pre-existing styles we have expanded and nurtured the design system further, specifically for the peacekeeping efforts. The styles has helped us unify the messaging efforts of the peacekeeping initiatives. From typography to color palettes and logotype, we helped shape the way this sector is currently operating.


UN Peacekeeping currently has over 110,000 field personnel including military, police and civilians.


UNP eacekeeping budget at $7.3 billion accounts for less than 0.5% of global military expenditures.


Over 120 countries contribute troops, police and civilian personnel to UN Peacekeeping.


There are currently 14 active UN peacekeeping missions across 4 continents.

That is a significant number of engagements that rely on clear messaging and informative platforms.


As with any large, global infrastructures UN has a lot of moving pieces within its’ ecosystem. The task was to create as many promotional, interactive and visually impactful elements to amplify their message to the worldwide audience. That should not only raise awareness but harness action.