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    Metechi Financing

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    User Experience Mapping
    User Flow
    Web Components UI Design
    Rapid Prototyping
    Design System Implementation

Metechi matches banks with Qualified Investors to fund commercial real estate deals.
Metechi’s innovative Platform streamlines the syndication process by creating an end-to-end deal management solution, from origination to post closing.
Generate additional income by enabling syndication of more and larger loans.
Metechi’s sophisticated search algorithm, Metechi Match, seamlessly matches your bank to an extensive universe of pre-screened capital providers. Creates new revenue streams by expanding your product offering and transforming your bank into a one-stop shop for all your clients’ financing needs.
Through Metechi’s marketplace you can effortlessly participate in high quality senior debt loans alongside banks, and discover prime opportunities in junior debt and equity.
Metechi Match, matches you with deals that align with your specific investment criteria.

The Challenge

BeCurious team was tasked with design and development of the first ever e-commerce space for this iconic brand. The challenge was to recreate a high end environment that Marina B has been striving in since its origins. To be able to take their brand look and feel and deliver it digitally, transforming a visitor from a computer screen into a virutal journey of style and class that Bulgari has been delivering for decades. During an intense 3 months sprint we have examined, studied, and traced the history of the brand. We learned what makes this company and product so unique and desired by the elites of the global stage, from Hollywood key figures to royalty.

Design Sprints

During the initial sync with the client’s team it was evident that in order to have a successful outcome, the project must be broken down into smaller deliverables and build quickly with constant iterations and rapid prototyping. This allowed us to segment a large size project into smaller sprints that would meet the KPIs of each component. It also, allowed the development team to start implementations early on, and not having to have to wait on the design team for full completion. Therefore, each component had its own deliverable goals, scheduling, defined success metrics and was reviewed not only by the stakeholders but potential consumers, as well We have implemented Google’s 5 day sprints to help flesh out these ideas quickly, arriving to workable solutions fast.

UX & Design

During the strategy and design sessions we have gone through endless research and discoveries of what is currently available on the market, that our platform can benefit from. From kickstarter, for the crowdsourcing components, to Google Hangouts and UberConference for virtual meeting spaces. We implemented the best practices possible from what is currently available on the marketplace. Each module and component was mocked, tested, designed and prototyped with heavy feedback and strategy sessions. Due to the federal regulations and laws in place it was important to make sure that not only the user experience is top notch, but also so it adheres to the regulated federal standards and procedures.
With every sprint and module design, our design system grew significantly so it was also important to keep updating the overall brand styleguide and design assets library that would allow each team member, present and future, as well as, developers to be able to quickly implement new changes and libraries into working product.


After 6 months worth of effort, we have arrived to an MVP that answered all our success metrics and KPIs set in place during the initial stages of planning and strategy. We had a clean, easy to use platform. Although complex at its finely grained, mechanical levels of behind the scenes “engine”, it is rather simplistic and intuitive to the user. From our seamlessly usable communications hub to our cleverly guided onboarding process, the Metechi platfrom has been received with excitement from our potential customers.