On Demand Fitness Center for
Cancer Survivors

MyVictory’s mission is to improve the quality of Survivor’s
lives while reducing their risk for recurrence and mortality by
providing an accessible and motivational digital exercise and
wellness platform.


About the MyVictory project

MyVictory was conceived in 2019 by two serial-entrepreneur friends, one of whom
just happened to be a neighbor of our client. As we were wrapping up a project with
said client, he introduced us to his neighbor and we quickly got to talking about this
“cancer exercise platform” idea. They walked us through rough pen sketches of what
they had in mind. Stanley, our founder and a forever a curious soul, jumped at the
opportunity because it checked off all the boxes on his ideal project list. It was a
great cause, it had global appeal, it was complex from design, engineering and
behavioral stand points.

What is it like?

Think of MyVictory as a hybrid of:


The Challenge

To create an on-demand exercise platform for cancer survivors. Understand the needs of a survivor, their physical capabilities and health history in order to provide best fitness program that will benefit them. Stream live classes from the studio, straight to the user’s devices across the US. Provide the comfort of being able to speak with a counselor and make sure it



Success of this project relied upon a deep understanding of the physical therapy process for cancer patients, as well as identifying the type of users this product will support. We segmented the heavy work load into user persona tasks and individually addressed each one…survivor, supporter, instructor, counselor, admin and moderator.



For the initial ideation and iteration phases the client provided us with rough pen sketches of how they envisioned this product to work. Originally it was meant to be a native mobile application. Upon further investigation and discovery it became evident that a mobile app should be replaced with a responsive website. This was determined for variety of reasons such as cost, timelines, MVP model vs. V1 full feature, market tests and accessibility.

User Stories

Identifying the user flows

As mentioned above the goal to success was in identifying the core users of the products and their unique journeys. Our discovery phase is one of the most robust stages of any product we build. We spend an extensive amount of time at this point. While it is not one of the most visually exciting parts, it is an import workshop facilitated between our client’s team, our team and professionals within the space that provide valuable feedback. We spend a considerable amount of time creating this spreadsheet based document which organizes the various journeys of survivors, supporters, instructors, admins, etc…



After we fully described our users, their goals and journeys it was time to map out the platform flow. This project nests over 20 unique “birds eye” flows for its users, with each one having a specific goal. Flows included on-boarding, goal creator, goal tracker, live class signup, libraries of classes access, scheduling a 1on1, discovering members, following members, having social feed and interacting with other members, and many more!



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PT Sans

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Designing the
Web App

After we established a complete collection of user stories and a sitemap it was time for design. We performed a thorough research survey of how other successful companies handled some of the features we were planning on implementing. Extensive user audits were been conducted with:

We applied design sprints to get us into the development phase quickly. We identified overall brand style and colors. Then we began producing each user flow to ensure our developers worked efficiently


the platform

Continuing with the agile development. The dev phase was one of the more challenging parts of the project, given the fact that it had numerous moving parts from payment integration ( p2p ), to user progress tracker, to live stream ( overcoming latency, buffering and other issue for end users ), to 1on1 implementation, to scheduling module. Plus the requirement to incorporate an entire social following and feed was an interesting challenge for our team to solve. On top of all that, the program had to be privacy and HIPAA compliant.

We performed over 3 months of usability testing and adjustments to make sure the platform streamed video without interruption and that it translated well into a variety of devices. Only after achieving our strict standards of performance, we rolled out to beta testers, gathered feedback, adjusted and went live. The extensive positive responses were amazing!

Technologies used: Laravel, Angular 8, Stripe Payment, TokBox APIs, AWS stream and storage and distribution, vMix for live stream.

Product Features

Key Ingredients

  • Hippa & Privacy Compliant

What makes this product great?

Feature 01

Daily live
stream classes

Tune in daily to join instructors and
your friends in exercise or meditation
or yoga. Leave comments on the class,
unlock new achievements.

Feature 02

On demand
library of classes
to watch

Busy? No worries. Classes you signed
up will become available in the
library after it premiers. You can also
watch any class at any time at your
own pace.

Feature 03

Goal creator and
progress tracker

Have a specific fitness regiment or
goal ? You can set your own targets
and the platform will do the rest in
tracking progress and guiding you to
make sure you meet your marks. You
can also add any exercises that you
may have done outside of the
platform to count towards your goal.
Not sure what to do? Schedule a
1on1 with a professional counselor
and they will help answer all your
health and fitness questions.

Feature 04

Social interaction,
because victories are
better with friends.

Share your journey and your goals
with friends! Follow your friends and
instructors. Talk to them, share your
stories, photos or simply have a
digital chat. Our community behaves
the same way that facebook does so
you will feel right at home!

Backend Administration

Power of the Admin

As exciting and robust our consumer product is, the Admin Dashboard is equally
powerful and flexible. You can manage all your users, upload classes, start and end
live streams, add instructors and give them power to manage their own classes and
programs. Making edits to the content of the website and tracking your analytics are
integrated with google tag management.


600+ users within a week and growing!

A big Thank You goes out to our clients Andrew & Glenn, health and cancer
professionals, all the survivors and of course, our BeCurious team. We are looking
forward to growing together and releasing additional new and exciting features such
as diet trackers and group communities. We will also be deploying a native mobile
app to make your experience even more user friendly.