Metechi Design

Strategy, UX/UI design & rapid prototyping of this bank-centered, participation financing for commercial real estate.

About the Project

Bank centered, participation financing for commercial real estate. Metechi is an innovative financial marketplace where family offices and institutional investors seamlessly participate with banks to fund investment opportunities. I was responsible for designing their MVP that included web & mobile views, dashboards, data room, as well as, custom video conference that redefined seamless interaction.


UX Strategy & Testing, UI Design, Rapid Prototyping, Wireframing, User Flow Mapping




  • Discovering the project, understanding the core values, problem it is addressing and what does a successful end result of a product looks like.
  • Identifying stakeholders and each of their goals and needs
  • Identifying users persona and their pain points
  • Creating a user flow map
  • Doing a competitive research analysis, identifying pros and cons of each
  • Creating wireframes to use for discussion, testing and analysis with stakeholders and few end users
  • Rapid prototyping complex flows to further understand the journey and succession of tasks
  • Layering UI designs and brand styles to unify the discovery and experience into one intuitive product.
  • Complete prototype of the MVP
  • QA the prototype with stakeholders and user test groups
  • Refine, adjust, trim and perfect the designs
  • Handoff to the development team
User Flow Map
User Flow Map
Web View
Web View
Mobile View
Mobile View
Product View
Product View