About Us?

A full stack, infinitely curious, risk-taking, creative, fluid design studio.

This is not a graphic design service agency. This is a creative sandbox where ideas & businesses are born. This is where growth occurs. This is where ambitious & daring thoughts become successful products.

Some of Our Clients:

Our Culture:

This is a digital product design, UX, and development studio. Led by the founder and creative principle, Stanley Vaganov, it is an ideation hub with a lean muscle behind it. Through strategic partnerships, and pro-bono work, we were able to forge strong relationships with leaders in design, development, engineering, branding, photography & copywriting to be able to help you.

We love to work with people like ourselves. Ambitious, curious and dedicated risk takers. Who own businesses, who strive on new ideas and think big. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some big brands and companies that were willing to take risks.

We think that what we create is more important than how we do it. Design and development is just the means of realizing your vision and passion. Successful products begin with listening, understanding and defining the why’s? & the how’s?

So, whether you are a small business, a single person start-up or a large corporation in need of solving a problem through ideation, strategy and design. Let’s talk.

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Our Team:


Founder & Creative Director

A seasoned veteran in design and experience strategies. He has worked in some of the biggest agencies around, from TBWA\Chiat & Day to True[X] & Blue Label Labs  in his 15+ years of being a strategic & UX designer. He has launched startups and helped small businesses grow. He has amassed some big name brands in his portfolio ranging from Telus Health of Canada, to Edmunds & Metechi, amongst others. At BeCurious he is not only a founder and creative director but he is your strategic partner and creative lead for your ideas & business alike.


Art Director

Award winning photographer & designer. He has been delivering amazing designs to global brands and small business alike for over 8 years. He has done work with some of the biggest brands and global initiatives with United Nations. His attention to details and superb talent for producing high quality work is unmatched. At BeCurious he heads brand and art direction department, making sure your products and brands make an impactful distinction.


Web & Mobile Developer

From self-taught coding to New York University studying Interactive Web & Mobile, she has built over 100 brands, startups, businesses from ideation to growth hacking, snatching recognitions as Top 20 “Most Innovative Creators” in 2016. At BeCurious she focuses on development of web & mobile needs for our clients

Tarun Roy

Head of Development

In a span of 10 years, he has been able to leave a mark on clients across the globe in delivering web and mobile applications solutions. He is highly professional, motivating and successful marketing leader and developer who believes in doing things right, the right way! Under his leadership, his tight development group ( Weavers-Web ) has produced numerous counts of websites across many categories of clientele, including, but not limited to, healthcare and wellness. 


Account Executive

Dan is a generalist who loves unusual business challenges.  He has worked with a diverse portfolio of clients including a classical music label, a cowboy apparel brand, a FinTech SaaS provider, and a turbine JetPack startup. As a graduate of New York University Film School with a minor in computer programming, Dan understands the power of story telling to bridge the interface between design, business, and technology.


Account Executive

She has a track record in recruiting individuals across Europe and the US, within the C-suite, senior and mid-level management in large pharmaceutical organizations as well as small and innovative tech companies. She is experienced in working within HR, as an international senior executive recruiter, client and project management, talent mapping, succession planning, with a strong focus on the Life Sciences, Tech & Health industries. At BeCurious she is focusing on business development, creating strategic partnerships and talent acquisition for your business needs.

Our Partners:

Weavers-Web, Engineering Partner
Evolving Web, Enterprise Development Partner
ImageMakers, U.SDevelopment Partners 
Shopify, E-Commerce Partners
Metcalfe, Funding Partners

Our Process:


We ask a lot of questions to outline the project needs. We come up with a game plan to help achieve successful results for the set mark.

  1. – listen & ideate
  2. – audit the goals
  3. – look at competitors
  4. – take notes, gather inspiration
  5. – define success
  6. – create a roadmap
  7. – set deadlines
  8. – produce scope of work

Now that we have defined strategy, goals and timelines, it’s time for the fun part – design.

  1. – define users and their journey
  2. – create mocks & wireframes
  3. – get client feedback & adjust
  4. – design UI
  5. – update style guides & branding
  6. – client feedback & finalization

Designs come to life with code and engineering. Rest assured you will be informed and updated on all developments.

  1. – create prototype
  2. – write up dev specs
  3. – develop
  4. – test
  5. – update
  6. – QA & optimize
  7. – deploy

When product is launched, we can continue working together on growth and engagement.

  1. – advertising
  2. – social media engagement
  3. – SEO/SEM
  4. – optimization
  5. – maintain
  6. – listen & learn

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