Creatives, business owners, thinkers, coders, doers.

A team that focuses on solving business challenges with design thinking.

Who we are

BeCurious studio grows brands, improves experiences, builds digital products. Our team is compirsed of core thinkers, award winning designers, business and brand strategists and software engineers. We also operate a community of 800+ creative individuals. A space for learning, growth, mentorship and collaborations.

Our mission

To disrupt how business owners and leaders interpret design. Shifting the views from it being a burden to it being a critical part of a success. We live in the age where having a brand presence and websites and apps is not enough. It just qualifies you for the races. We must see it as an integral part of our business models. How do we do it? Through project iterations and doing deep discoveries with all our clients and community members. Biggest part is listening and understanding. Through execution we don’t just deliver results we help you become familiar with the process and educate you on how you can grow forward and begin asking the right questions.

Our proccess




Vision & Strategy

Team Assignment

Design & Development

Testing & Measuring


Our core team

We also house a team of 35+ developers, and 10+ contractor designers and photographers.